Our Instructors

Carol Bernau

On beaches, Carol always finds herself nose to the ground, searching for a special stone, piece of glass, or shell.  She can spend hours, moving them around into different patterns.  Needless to say, her bead studio harbors unimaginable treasures — if you can find them! 

She is continually challenged to learn new ways of using beads: so far she knits them, weaves them, wires them, crochets them, knots them, ties them, braids them, macramés them, the list goes on!  Same with metal:  stamp it, emboss it, hammer it, rivet it, mold it, bend it, and more.  Perhaps her true love is weaving seed beads, because seed beads show endless possible permutations of color, shape, texture, and reflection of light.

Now retired from the corporate world of human resources, she has been learning about jewelry making for more than 20 years, and teaching classes for 11 years.  She loves teaching, because her students open up new worlds of possibilities and inspire her to go make more!   Carol sells her work at art fairs and exhibits it in various galleries in the Bay Area — in order to be able to create some more!

Julia Booz

Julia has been a beader since the 3rd grade, when she found a broken necklace on the play ground. She has been an instructor for a little over 8 years, specializing in seed bead weaving, knotting, and recently, chain maille.

She absolutely loves her cat and the color mustard mixed with garnet and dark green, but her favorite stone is Chrysoprase. She is very excited to join the Blue Door Beads team!

Lydia Chapman

Ever since Lydia was three years old, when her parents had to wipe her hand- and nose-prints off the display window at Tiffany & Co., she had dreamed of working with sparkly things. Now, decades later, Lydia considers herself lucky to be able to create beautiful pieces of jewelry for a living!

In addition to being the manager at Blue Door Beads, Lydia teaches many of the beginner, all-level, and intermediate classes at the shop. Although her favorite techniques include cold metal-working and wire-working, she loves consistently learning new jewelry techniques and has greatly enjoyed learning more about stringing, bead weaving, and fusing over the years. She has now been beading regularly for almost 20 years, and has worked in the beading industry for the past 10 years. She looks forward to serving her beading customers and teaching them how to make gorgeous jewelry for many years to come! To contact her, please email her at lydia@bluedoorbeads.com.

Hollis Harris

Proud to be recently retired, Hollis has had a love for jewelry forever, but only started beading fifteen years ago. She quickly found she had a real passion for copper, silver, and gemstones. Now with over ten years of silversmithing experience, she is excited to be instructing at Blue Door Beads! 

When not creating, she enjoys adventures to wine country with her husband, traveling, and taking walks. Her assistant, Abbie, is a longtime friend, and both are excited to share their skills with you.

Steven James

A refugee from one of the nation's flyover states and now a resident of San Francisco, Steven spent his childhood breaking his art teacher’s rules — coloring outside the lines, peeling the wrapper off crayons, and making glue skin in the palm of his hand.

Now that he is older, wiser and craftier, he still wants to break the rules, but he needs you to join in the fun! Put aside the responsibilities of your life and get back the creative connections you made as an 8-year-old. A full-time elementary school teacher who has made appearances on the DIY and HGTV networks, Steven loves taking breaks from his daily routine and spending a few hours with adults who will hopefully avoid picking noses, scabs, or fights and focus on being as creative and inspired as possible.

Long considered the alleged love child of Martha Stewart and Christopher Lowell, Steven's published work has appeared in such magazines as ReadyMade and BeadStyle, as well as books from Lark and Kalmbach. He has spread his love of handmade by developing craft ideas for TiVo, the Gap, and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as various websites. Living by the mantra “What are you gonna make today?” Steven hopes to spark creativity in everyone he meets through a series of classes he teaches around the world. Visit his website at www.macaroniandglitter.com.

Sydney Khan

Sydney started beading at the age of 10 with her mom, and recently got back into serious beading after working at Blue Door Beads. Working with others to create a one-of-a-kind piece is amazing to watch and watching the creative capacity which  She is currently attending San Francisco State University and hopes to one day open up a non- profit art collective specializing in creative workshops for teens focused around expression, wellness and empowerment. 

She is inspired by bright and vivacious colors and loves the flexibility of working with seed beads. She is currently mesmerized by the possibilities of bead weaving and capturing different objects in the intricate peyote stitch. She will be launching her line of jewelry at Blue Door Beads with a trunk show in the summer and then will continue her launch of her jewelry business Tropikali. You can find her work at www.tropikali.com.

This is her first time teaching at Blue Door Beads and she is very excited about developing future classes! 

Sara Mancini

Sara believes anyone and everyone can make jewelry -- you just need to know what you like! She has been designing and making jewelry for over 20 years. Back in the day, Sara used to sell her work at weekend craft fairs, and she is now proud to say that her passion and her hobby has become her career! Sara considers herself a sophisticated hippie, and she loves working with sparkly gemstones, chain, leather, vintage acrylic, and African metals. Her favorite jewelry techniques are wire-wrapping and coming up with interesting connections to use with basic stringing -- and her solution to every jewelry problem is, "Just add chain!" 

She has always been the first to host a bead party or craft night with friends, and even after many years of teaching she still gets misty-eyed when a student has that "ah-HA!" moment and proves to themselves that they, too, can create beautiful jewelry! 

Elizabeth McKinley

Elizabeth McKinley is a Registered Yoga Teacher at home in the Bay Area. Exploring the intersections of physical, mental, and emotional health, she teaches groups and individuals yoga and meditation, emphasizing the body-mind-spirit connection. Incorporating the traditions of Hatha, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga, Elizabeth guides her students to recognize and build upon their inherent wholeness.

Working as a mental health counselor compliments Elizabeth’s teachings, strengthening her firm belief in the the powers of self-care and community. Since 2009 she has worked with adults living with mental illness and substance abuse disorders in residential settings. This offers beautiful reminders that our bodies and our spirits are resilient and naturally work towards healing if we support them.

Elizabeth completed her 800-hour training at Purusha Yoga School in San Francisco where she currently leads trainings. She teaches group classes at Addison Yoga Loft, the Berkeley Yoga Center and has taught yoga and meditation at Women's Resources Center, Berkeley Youth Alternatives, REALM Charter School, Mission Mental Health, LifeLong Medical Care, Berkeley High, and other organizations in the Bay Area. Sharing the gifts of yoga grows inspiration and provides Elizabeth a life of deep purpose.

Visit elizabethmckinleyyoga.com to learn more. 

Rae Rodriguez

Jewelry designer Rae Rodriguez has been designing jewelry for over 18 years. Her obsession with beading started 18 years ago, which then lead to fabrication, casting, and metal clay.  Rae’s inspiration stems from the juxtaposition of shape and textures. With the love of gems, metal, and creating, it’s become her true focus in art.

Metal clay is fascinating in many ways and also very fun to teach.  It stems from many fabrication/metal smithing techniques and simplifies the process for your end results.  The craft enables you to work with textures, shapes and much much more.  Rae's hope is to build the culture of metal clay at BDB and soon offer many more classes. Come and enjoy!

Jennifer Sherwood

Jennifer Sherwood is a certified coach, speaker, and blogger. She is on a mission to help women debunk the myth of Supermom, get out from under the relentless voice of their inner critic, embrace imperfection and create life on their terms. Jennifer is also known as mom to two spunky, fun, funny teenage girls, she’s been married to her best friend for almost 19 years and she has one spoiled pup named Ellie. For more information please visit www.jennifersherwood.com

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